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"This is a GREAT school! We are so thankful for all you do for our children each and every day!"
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by Tyla Ward (Honeycomb School founder)
Years ago in 1973, as a Slidell resident and young mother of two preschoolers, I looked for a school where my girls could safely spend their day with other children their own age. However, back then... this didn't exist in Slidell. We had babysitters and the like, but nothing solid that met my social and academic desires for my two girls. So, as a work of the heart... in August 1974, I opened the first Honeycomb School. Indeed, it was a big step for our family. It would be the beginning of the rest of my life!

Throughout the years, we've learned so much... mostly from the thousands and thousands of Honeycomb children themselves. It's true... children really do want to learn, and they learn best with various preschool academic programs. In time, they learn the socialization and interaction with both teachers and other children. Our children absorb everything, and each day is a new day with new beginnings. We work constantly on very fertile ground as teachers and parents, and must sow good seed wisely and faithfully.

I can tell you sincerely, it was a great decision. And I have been very blessed each day since. Even today after all these years, I meet the "children of children'' from the early days of Honeycomb who now bring their children to us. I have become a grandmother of caregivers, blessed with teachers and managers who along with me have given the Honeycomb ABC's (always better care) for over 106 years combined. Thank you GOD for all these wonderful people and years!

I rely upon GOD and his words for guidance each day. He uplifts and encourages our work(s) daily. Indeed, children are, and will always be, a work of the heart... God's work in both parents and teachers alike. That's why Honeycomb belongs to Him.

I thank you, and so many, many parents for Honeycomb... and all these years.

Tyla Ward.

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